The Light - Kenny Rogers

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Lời bài hát: The Light

Ca sĩ: Kenny Rogers

Bài hát: The Light - Kenny Rogers

O the town of Betlehem.. a perfect light that shines..
There to guide the wise man free and give hope to the roll mankind ..
To show the world this miracle of pure unselfish love..
How Christ the child was born this day's in dawn from heaven above..

From the darkness now the world wouldn't come..
How clear the path would be..
That leads to everlasting life..
And love eternally..

It's always there for all descent..
For some to glorify..
Has long has there are hope for hearts..
This light will never die..

Rejoice this night.. (Hallelujah)
Behold His light.. (Hallelujah)
Let's praise His name forever Christ The Child is born..

The world will pause to celebrate, this Child that Mary gave
The good He brought, the Love He taught
The world He came to save

The light is there... (Let it shines)
It's always there.. (Let it shines)
That voices reign, the king was born this day

The Light is there.. (It shines.. Let it shines)
It's always there.. (It shines.. Let it shines)
So let it shared.. This glorious light that shines on us..
This Christmas day
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